Custom Doors

Whether it’s a complex design or a small change from a standard design, we’ll make it happen! We have a sophisticated and experienced design team that will help you realize your custom door design, and we look forward to making it come to life. You can customize anything and everything about your door system, from the jamb to the hardware. You don’t have to be a professional to get the process started. That’s why we’re here. Just let us know the measurements of the opening, and we’ll start piecing together your perfect door system!

Get Creative With Your Design!

Let our design team at Monte Cristo help make your door dreams come true. Get in touch with our front desk, and we can get started on your complete customization!

Need Ideas?

Check out our gallery to see what types of doors we’ve done in the past! Be on the lookout for jamb shapes, transoms, sidelights and overall door designs that you like, and we them fit your door system!

Fast Delivery & Install

All standard door sizes and designs are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Visit our showroom for standard door sizes and designs.

Lifetime Warranty

We believe an iron door’s hinge is its most important detail. Enjoy our no-maintenance hinge and guarantee as long as you own Monte Cristo doors.

Built-In Drainage

Our sloped door panel design with weep-hole grill system allows rainwater to drain to the exterior, so you never have to worry about leaking.

100% Custom Designs

Create a one-of-a-kind door system. With our design team, you have the freedom to create the door of your dreams with any sizes and shapes you choose.

What People Are Saying

We fell in love with the craftsmanship and artistry of Monte Cristo Ironworks at the OKC Home and Garden Show in 2013. When we decided to start building our own house in 2014, we knew we wanted one of their gorgeous doors to greet family and guests who would visit in our new home.

We scheduled a meeting with Dustin, and he patiently took us through each type of door and listened as we described the “look” we desired. He drew it out, and they got to work creating a custom work of art. The door was constructed and installed in the agreed upon time frame, and it looked beautiful!

Our builder, however, did not hire respectful or detail-oriented subcontractors. So, by the time our house was finished being built, our once-beautiful, custom, perfectly-crafted door was left with gauges, paint splatters, drywall texture smears, and brick mortar adorning it’s once-gorgeous finish. My husband and I were absolutely devastated and, quite frankly, embarrassed to have people visit our home because of the condition our door was left in by our builder.

A quick phone call to Dustin, however, put all of our worries and fears aside. He scheduled an appointment with us and quickly got to work restoring our door to its original luster. He painstakingly spent over four hours cleaning, adjusting, installing new weather-stripping, and refinishing the door. He worked tirelessly and diligently – and the results were amazing! Our beautiful door now truly looks breathtaking once again. Dustin saved our door!

To top it off, he even volunteered his own time to help us with the backdoor of our house! He inspected and adjusted it, and even installed some weather-stripping where it had been missing!

If you want a pleasurable (and easy) design experience, quality craftsmanship (made in the USA!), beautiful custom work, and the best, most professional and caring customer service you will ever experience, look no further than Monte Cristo Ironworks! I give them my highest recommendation!

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